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Huh. The British spell airplane as aeroplane, or so my dictionary tells me. I never knew that. I’d seen the word before, but I always assumed that aeroplane was simply an old spelling that went out of fashion long ago. If the dictionary is correct, then an example of a word that we Canadians use the American spelling rather than the British spelling.

Aeroplane is not to be confused with Aeroplan, which is a frequent flier program that was formerly owned by Air Canada. Air Canada has since spun off Aeroplan into a more general customer loyalty program that includes a number of other partners. Aeroplan is now owned and run by a publicly traded, independent company.

However, Aeroplan is still Air Canada’s frequent flier program. Plus, because Air Canada is part of Star Alliance, you can earn and use Aeroplan points on Star Alliance airlines.

Full disclosure: I do not own any shares in Aimia, the owner of the Aeroplan program, or Air Canada. Nor have either of those entities paid me or promised to pay me anything prior to mentioning them here. However, I am an Aeroplan member and if Aimia or Air Canada would like to give me a few hundred thousand free Aeroplan points as thanks for the mention here, I wouldn’t turn them down. I’m just saying.

I don’t expect anyone from Aimia or Air Canada to find this entry, let alone award me the free points, so, you might ask why I gave them the above plug when all I needed to say was, aeroplane and Aeroplan are not the same thing; not even close. The answer is simple. If I didn’t then I’d have only one paragraph in the entry on the word aeroplane. That seemed way too skimpy to me.

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