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Excuse me? What the hell? The dictionary I’m using put a trademark note next to Aertex? How did a company get it’s product name, which also happens to be the company’s name, in the dictionary? Did money change hands? Enquiring minds want to know.

And, if money didn’t change hands, how do I get my company’s name, Klebanoff Associates, Inc., into the dictionary? I want some free publicity too.

According to The New Penguin English Dictionary (1986), Aertex is a cellular cotton fabric.

The company that owns the trademark was founded in 1888 in Lancashire, England. Today, it’s based in Manchester, England.

I’m happy to say that the spell checker in Pages, the word processor I’m using to type this up, thinks Aertex is not a valid word. Thankfully, it did not give in to crass commercialism. Either that or Aertex didn’t give enough money to Apple, the maker of Pages, to get its name included in the Pages spell checker. Your guess is as good as mine.

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