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Like aesthete and esthete, in the United States aesthetic can be spelled esthetic. Canada sides with the British on the spelling of the word. Again, I have no idea about the other English-speaking countries, but I assume that they each follow the same rule as they do for aesthete versus esthete, whatever that rule may be.

The word aesthetic (or esthetic for that matter, seeing as though they are different spellings of the same word) is an adjective that means artistic, or concerned or dealing with beauty. It can also mean having a heightened sense of beauty.

This begs the question, what is beauty? I’m not beautiful, nor am I, to use a more masculine term, handsome. However, that is the perception of only me and anyone who has ever seen me. But who knows? Maybe there is someone out there who would find me handsome. I have my dreams, even if they forever remain only dreams.

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