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This is getting tiresome. The previous entry was on the word aesthetic, in which I had to point out that aesthetic can also be spelled esthetic. The entry before that was on the word aesthete, in which I had to point out that aesthete can also be spelled esthete.

Now we get to the word aesthetics. Guess what, folks. Aesthetics can also be spelled esthetics. Anyone who didn’t see that coming isn’t paying attention. Shame on you.

As with aesthetic and aesthete, here in Canada, we use the British spelling, aesthetics.

Aesthetics is a set of principles concerned with the nature and judgement of beauty.

I have absolutely nothing whatsoever against aesthetics. Beauty in life is, well, beautiful. Who could argue against that? Not me. However, if you’re ever find yourself in circumstances wherein you have to choose between beauty and survival because the search for beauty will make it impossible for you to afford to acquire the necessities of life, such as food and shelter, then, in that case, screw beauty.

Um, that didn’t come out right. It sounded like something that I couldn’t say on a family-oriented Web site. Please strike the words “screw beauty” above and replace them with “to hell with beauty.” Thank you.

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