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Afar means at a distance. But at what distance? How far away does something have to be to qualify as afar? I don’t think there is a definitive answer, which makes the usefulness of the word afar somewhat suspect.

If I’m viewing you from afar and I’m not wearing my glasses or contact lenses then you will be a blur to me. That’s just the way my eyesight is.

I’d offer my visual acuity as the milestone on which the world can base the definition of afar, but the blurriness of objects in my unaided eyesight might not be the best gauge. If I’m not wearing corrective lenses, anything more than arms-length away from me is blurry. And, even then, I couldn’t read anything but very large print if it is fully arms-length away. And I have short arms.

So, if my natural visual acuity is the defining criteria for afar, then afar is quite close. So, if I see you and I’m not viewing you from afar then please give me a hug (my preferred greeting with women) or shake my hand (my preferred greeting with men) and, please, try to not bump into me unless it’s to give me a hug. We’re awfully damned close.

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