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In the entry on the word affectation I mentioned how I initially misread that word as affection. I also noted that I was glad that I noticed my error in time, because I had nothing to say about affection, but I hoped that I would by the time I got to that entry. Well, we’re here now aren’t we?

I’ve still got nothing.

I’ll present the definition while I think of something to say about it. Affection is a gentle fondness; not quite love, but not quite indifference; somewhere in between.

At one time, affection also meant the process of affecting or being affected, but that usage has gone out of fashion. Then again, I’ve never been a slave to fashion, so maybe I’ll start using it that way.

So much for the definition. I’ve still got nothing on affection. Maybe I’m just not an affectionate sort of guy, but affectionate is the next word in this project. So I’ll say no more for now.

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