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Afforest is a verb that means to plant a lot of trees somewhere and, thereby, create a forest where one did not exist before.

I’m not sure why the “f” is doubled. It’s probably because whoever came up with the word afforest liked the sound of a soft “a.” A single “f” would have resulted in a hard “a.” Or maybe it’s because he or she was worried that people would confuse afforest and a forest. Or, maybe there’s another explanation. Who the hell cares? I don’t know why I mentioned it. Sorry.

I hate the inconsistencies in English. Why can’t we do this with all nouns? For example, why can’t we, without being laughed at, say abbuilding when we want to talk about buildings being built. Or why can’t we say accoffeeing to indicate that you’re getting your morning caffeine fix. Or, … well, I could go on forever or at least until I ran out of nouns.

It doesn’t seem fair that forests get this special verb, but other nouns don’t. We should rally for the cause of equality of nouns. Or maybe not. Probably not.

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