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An affray is a public fight. It’s generally an informal fight rather than one where people enter a ring and get paid money to beat the crap out of another human being. In an affray the participants usually beat the crap out of other human beings for free.

Don’t try an affray at home. Or in the street. Or on the sidewalk. Or in a public square. Or in a public building. Or in a private building. Or anywhere else for that matter.

We’ve got enough problems without adding to them by entering into affrays. You think not? There’s no country on Earth that has a perfect healthcare system. Most countries can’t balance their books, let alone balance differing opinions on any matters in their polarized societies. Education is not what it should be. And I’m not getting lucky. In particular, I’m not getting lucky.

Debating these issues is good. Finding facts, analyzing data and hunting for solutions is even better. But entering into affrays to solve them is unproductive and will undoubtedly create suboptimal results. Enough said.

Disagree? Please fight among yourselves, but please leave me out of it if the fight gets physical.

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