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An Afghan is a citizen of Afghanistan. That’s sufficiently obvious that it doesn’t require anymore explanation.

As I write this, there a number of Afghans who want to blow up a number of other Afghans to impose their control over or their specific version of religion on the rest country. This requires one hell of a lot more explanation. And a  preferably also solution. But I’m in no way qualified to give the explanation or provide a solution. Sorry about that. I wish it were otherwise.

And sorry to the innocents among the Afghans who suffer and die as a result of this nonsense. You have my sympathies.

The word Afghan might also be used to indicate that the government official being talked about represents the Government of Afghanistan, not some other country. For example, one might talk about the Afghan Minister of Blaming Foreign Forces for Our Troubles. (Obviously, I made that title up as an admittedly poor joke. I apologize if I’ve offended anyone. I particularly apologize to the Afghan Minister of Blaming Foreign Forces for Our Troubles if there is such a minister in the Afghan government.)

Afghan can also refer to something from or based in Afghanistan. I gave an example of that in the previous paragraph, namely the Afghan government. But “Afghan exports” would be another example, and one that they would probably profit more from if they figured out how to stop the wretched internal forces arrayed against them.

Another meaning of the word afghan (note the lower case “a” in this case) is a type of blanket or shawl that is made from a bunch of colorful crocheted or knitted squares that have been joined together. I have a couple of afghan blankets that usually reside on my couch. Which reminds me, this feels like a good time for a nap. See you later.

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