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Am I the only one who usually has a strong urge to spell this word officionado or oficionado, rather than aficionado as it should be spelled if you are literate in the English language? Regardless of whether anyone else does, I do. Why is that

Clearly, I’m not a spelling aficionado. Thank goodness for spell checkers.

An aficionado is someone who is knowledgeable about and enthusiastic in a particular subject area.

The subject area doesn’t matter. For example, someone might be a wine aficionado, a Renaissance art aficionado or a balloon-animal aficionado, among an almost limitless number of other subjects areas in which one can be an aficionado. Not surprisingly, balloon-animal aficionados tend to not get as much respect as the other two examples I gave.

It is generally easier to determine whether someone meets the enthusiasm qualification for being an aficionado than the knowledge qualification because many people who pretend to be aficionado’s in subject areas are really just bullshit aficionados.

Then again, if they are good actors they could also fool you about their enthusiasm or, rather, lack thereof. So you might be hoodwinked on both counts.

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