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Aforesaid is a synonym of aforementioned. Aforementioned was the previous entry in this project.

You would think that this would provide me with an obvious practical example of the two words. I could simply say, “Aforesaid is a synonym of aforementioned. To get a better understanding of the word aforesaid please see the aforementioned definition of aforementioned.”

Unfortunately, if you are reading this on this project’s home page, the software that publishes that page places the most recent entries at the top and then publishes the rest of the entries in the reverse order that they were posted.

That screws up the example because something that is aforementioned should appear above the place where it is noted that it is aforementioned. However it appears below on the home page.

However, by now you’ve probably figured out what aforesaid means and, if not, you know enough to read the entry on aforementioned.

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