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An Afrikaner is someone from South Africa who speaks the Afrikaans language. For the most part, these are descendants of Dutch people who immigrated to South Africa when the land was administered by the Dutch East India Company. They are of primarily Cape Dutch and, to a lesser extent, Boer origin.

It was an Afrikaner minority party, the National Party, that imposed the lovely apartheid policy in South Africa, which isolated, marginalized and oppressed the majority blacks and “coloreds” in the country. It is very difficult in written text to express tone in a single word, so if you didn’t read the word “lovely” in the previous sentence with an air of sarcasm and distain please go back and reread it applying that voice to the word. That was the intent.

As anyone who has read a newspaper or watched a newscast over the past quarter century will know, apartheid is now over in South Africa. It ended in the early 1990s. Nelson Mandela has been honored the world over for his role in the fight to bring apartheid to an end.

I’m sure there are many Afrikaners who opposed apartheid and accomplished great things across a broad spectrum of the arts and sciences fields, but there will forever be a blot on the Afrikaners’ history because of apartheid.

See. Actions do have consequences. And sometimes lasting consequences.

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