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The word Afro can be used as either a noun or an adjective. As a noun it is a curly hairdo that extends far out from the head. If this is the natural state of your hair I can understand wanting to keep it that way. It looks great on some people, and I’m all for not putting much effort into your hair.

If your hair doesn’t naturally form an Afro, why would you bother? (See my comment in the previous paragraph re not putting much effort into your hair.)

Slackers of the world unite! The time you save by just going with the hair you’ve got can be put to better uses such as watching reality TV shows. OK. You’re right. Maybe I’ll try to shape my currently straight, greying hair into an Afro.

As an adjective, Afro means shaped like an Afro (the noun).

Afro can also be used as a prefix, with a hyphen separating it from the word that follows it. In this case, Afro is a short form for African.

In the rules I set myself for this project I said I wasn’t going to deal with prefixes. I’ve now broken that rule. Rather than setting a stronger precedent, let’s move on.

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