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Agape means gaping, i.e., wide open. It generally refers to a mouth which might assume that shape when the owner of the mouth is overwhelmed by a state of amazement or wonder.

The mouth might also assume that shape when the owner is about to, is, or has just … Never mind. This is a family Web site.

Because I’m ethnically Jewish and religiously atheist it’s not surprising that, until I looked it up in the dictionary just now, I didn’t know that agape also means Christian love as opposed to erotic love.

I have no experience in the former and not nearly as much experience as I would like, particularly not recently, with the latter, but I suspect that one’s mouth is less likely to be agape during Christian love than during erotic love.

I’d happily volunteer to test out that theory as part of the erotic-love sample group because I believe in the importance of scientific research.

However, I’m not willing to be part of the Christian love sample group. There are limits to what I’ll do for science. Becoming religious significantly exceeds those limits.

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