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Agate is a mineral that typically has a banding pattern in it.

That’s almost all I know about agate and I’m not interested enough to bother to try to find out any more.

I did say that it’s almost all I know about agate. The one other thing I know about it is that, according to the dictionary I’m looking at, it is used as a gem. That may be so, but—I’m only guessing about this—I suspect that if you proffer an agate ring when making a marriage proposal your chances of hearing “yes” in response to your proposal are probably, in most cases, somewhat lower than if you were to proffer a diamond ring instead.

I don’t have any data to prove this hypothesis. And I’ve never proposed marriage, so I haven’t don’t have any experience in this area. If my assumption is wrong and there are women out there who would be willing to marry me after I presented an agate ring, please let me know. I’m a lonely guy and I don’t want to have to spend any more money than necessary to correct that.

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