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Agave is a plant of the daffodil family that is native to the southern United States and the tropical regions of the Americas. Ho hum.

Many parts of the agave plant are edible and are believed to have been a major food source for some prehistoric indigenous people of SouthWestern United States, or so the Wikipedia entry on agave tells me. Ho hum.

Agave sap is also used to create alcoholic beverages, including mescal. Well that’s a little more entertaining, isn’t it?

The agave plant has also been used for medicinal purposes, such as a diuretic and to treat arthritic joints and relieve constipation and excess gas. I could stoop to making some fart jokes here, but they have probably already invaded your low-brow mind on their own, so what would be the point?

I have not seen any clinical studies verifying the effectiveness or safety of these medical uses of agave. Then again, I haven’t looked for any. Use agave at your own discretion and caution.

I couldn’t find any references to anyone smoking any part of the agave plant, but it wouldn’t surprise me if someone or even a lot of someones have tried. I don’t know if smoking agave would provide any hallucinatory or other recreational effects, but someone has probably experimented with it because that’s what some people feel the need to do.

Whether or not anyone has tried smoking agave, I can’t help wondering who was the first person to think to light up a part or parts of a plant, stick the lit mass in his or her mouth and inhale. And what was the thought process that led him or her to try that? We’re a weird species, aren’t we?

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