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Ageless is an adjective that, in one sense, can mean not growing old or not appearing to grow old. If it’s people we are talking about, another word for ageless is bullshit. People age. It doesn’t take all that long before they look the part. End of story.

If, on the other hand, we are talking rocks, that’s another story. On human timescales rocks may appear to be ageless. Then again, on astronomical timescales, even rocks are far from ageless. Time passes. Get over it.

In another sense of the word, ageless is synonymous with eternal. This brings up a couple of questions. Is anything truly eternal? And, in a closely related question, is time within our universe finite or infinite?

If time is infinite, is there anything, including possibly even our physics, that never varies over infinite time and therefore can truly be said to be ageless?

And if time in our universe is finite, can anything be said to be eternal seeing as though it will end when time ends, even though we won’t be around to see it?

Discuss this among yourselves and get back to me. Consider it a homework assignment.

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