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agent provocateur

In less refined circles an agent provocateur is known as a shit disturber. I’m not a very refined guy, so let’s go with that.

However, that having been said, agent provocateur is only a subset of shit disturber. A shit disturber may be just someone who riles people up, and not necessarily all people. A shit disturber may also, but doesn’t necessarily break any laws or cause any physical or personal harm or induce anyone else to cause any physical or personal harm.

In contrast, by definition, an agent provocateur induces other people to break the law in pursuit of a purpose of the agent provocateur, which may or may not be the conscious purpose of the person or persons who are induced by the agent provocateur to break the law.

People who agree with the purpose of the agent provocateur might call them freedom fighters employing civil disobedience to achieve a justified end. People who disagree with agent provocateurs might call them trouble-makers or, if the results of the agents provocateur’s actions were violent, terrorists. You decide.

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