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Agglomerate means to cause to come together in a disorderly mass.

Hmm. A disorderly mass; that sounds like my rolls of fat. I wonder if it would be proper to say that my fat agglomerated?

Or, rather than trying to figure out if that’s correct usage of the word agglomerate, maybe I should go to the gym and try to get rid of that agglomeration.

Nah, it’s a day ending in “y.” I try to avoid going to the gym on day’s ending in “y.” It’s a superstition of mine. Or laziness. I get those two mixed up.

In addition to being a verb, agglomerate can also be used as an adjective, which means gathered into an agglomerated mass.

And, if that’s not enough, agglomerate can also be used as a noun. In that case it is the said agglomerated mass or a rock that’s made up of volcanic fragments.

So, agglomerate is in fact a much more versatile word than it might at first seem. It can act as a verb, adjective or noun. That doesn’t change the fact that I should go into the gym today or the fact that I’m not going to go.

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