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If you’ve read all of the entries that have been posted to-date in this project, the inanity and vacuity of them have probably aggravated you tremendously by now. Who the hell’s fault is that? Did I put a gun to your head and force you to read this crap? No, I did not. The fault for reading this is all yours.

That is an example of one definition of the word aggravate, i.e., to annoy or irritate someone or a bunch of someones. In truth, my Web stats tell me that almost no one is reading this, so I’d be happy with annoying one person. Thousands would make me ecstatic.

OK. I don’t really want to aggravate them. I’d much prefer to entertain them because then they’d be more likely to visit again. However, aggravation sometimes just happens.

To aggravate also means to make something worse. Me rambling on in this entry is probably aggravating your aggravation with this Web site, so I will shut up now.

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