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If you look up agile in the dictionary you’ll find “Not Joel Klebanoff.” Alright. I made that up. You won’t really find that there, but you should because I’m not agile. Not at all. I’m the perfect example of an antonym of agile.

Well, maybe not the perfect example. I walk reasonably well. But if you’re looking for someone who can hop, skip and jump without tripping over his own feet look somewhere else.

To be agile means to be flexible and nimble in motion. Deer prancing gracefully through the woods are generally thought of as being agile. The ones that aren’t agile probably aren’t seen often because they get eaten by predators while still young.

It’s a good thing that the same thing doesn’t happen to humans who aren’t agile. Otherwise, I might not be here. Then again, after reading my prose, you might think that would be a good thing.

Agile can also refer to mental agility. In that case, it means that your you can think quickly and well. I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether my writing reflects mental agility, but I suspect you’re already thinking about looking elsewhere for that too.

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