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Agreeable can mean “to your liking.” For example, an agreeable day is a pleasant one.

The occurrence of agreeable days are probably just luck—luck for everyone in your vicinity—and not because some deity is smiling on you.

There are undoubtedly some real bastards not all that far from you. It’s almost inevitable the way things are in this world. If every agreeable day is a result of some deity smiling on you then he, she or it is smiling on them too. How could you respect a god like that?

The word agreeable can also refer to a person. In this case, the meaning of the word can be similar to the previous definition—i.e., someone who is to most other people’s liking. (No, not just to you. It’s not all about you. Get over yourself already.)

An agreeable person can also be someone who, in general, readily agrees to most things. Please give me her number.

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