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Get real! Why is ah in the dictionary?

Ah isn’t a word. It’s a sound. Sure, it’s used in literary works, but it’s used to indicate a sound that people make.

Why not also include eeeaaAAACKKEEECKEEECK in the dictionary? That’s the sound people make when they achieve an orgasm. What? You’ve never heard anyone make that sound in that circumstance? Maybe it’s just me.

The dictionaries I’m using say that ah is used to express a range of emotions, such as pleasure, regret, contempt, surprise, and sympathy, among others. With ah used to express so many different emotions, some of which are conflicting, how are we supposed to know which is intended in any particular instance?

I think we should come up with a bunch of different sound-words to make it easier to distinguish between them. I suggest “yoz,” “xien,” “pwinz,” and “qwiswang.” I’ve done the hard work of coming up with the sounds. You decide which emotions they should express.

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