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Ahoy is a greeting that, apparently, is common among seamen. I would’t know about that because I only use commercial aircraft to travel across oceans, so I’m not familiar with seamen or their greetings.

I’ve heard the word ahoy used as a greeting or in the phrase “ship ahoy!” by seamen in movies. But they were all fictional films, so who knows if seamen really talk like that?

I had to proofread the previous paragraphs several times. I wanted to make sure I didn’t leave out the “a” in “seamen.” To the best of my knowledge, semen isn’t capable of issuing greetings of any kind. I didn’t want to risk misleading anyone with a careless typo.

Impregnated women, might disagree with the contention that semen can’t issue greetings. However, in that case, they’d be speaking rhetorically, not literally.

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