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I’ve tried to crack at least one, and sometimes a few, jokes in most of the entries in this project. I’ve often failed at being funny, but I’ve almost always tried.

There won’t be any attempts at jokes in this entry. For similar reasons, there also won’t be any jokes when I get to the entry on the word cancer.

AIDS is an acronym that stands for Acquired Immunity Deficiency Syndrome. It’s definitely not a laughing matter.

AIDS is a virus that attacks the immune system. It can be transmitted sexually, by sharing drug needles, or through blood transfusions.

At one time, AIDS was a death sentence, with virtually no pardons. And the virus carried out that sentence fairly quickly.

Today, there are drugs that can significantly extend the victims’ lives, possibly to close to the normal AIDS-free lifespan. But to get there, sufferers must adhere to a rigorous, daily regimen of drug cocktails for the rest of their lives.

At time of writing, there is not yet any cure, just a treatment that can turn AIDS into a chronic disease rather than a quickly fatal one. And there is not yet any vaccine to protect you from AIDS. A lot of money and resources have been put into achieving both of those ends, but it hasn’t happened yet. Hopefully, it will soon.

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