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An ailment is a disease or other bodily disorder. Generally, the word ailment is not used if the illness or injury is major. In that case it’s usually referred to as, “Oh my god! Call a doctor!”

If you are using the term ailment incorrectly, specifically, if you are using it to refer to a catastrophic disease or injury that you’ve suffered, don’t be an idiot. Stop reading this and start dialling 911! Now!

If you’re reading this because you have an ailment in the true sense of the word and you want to learn more about it, you too should stop reading this. For all you know, the nonsense you find on the Web could be written by people who are complete dunderheads. For example, I know that this Web site is.

Your doctor is a much better source of that sort of information. Hopefully you live in a country with some form of publicly funded healthcare so that advice won’t cost you too much.

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