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An ailurophobe is someone who hates or fears cats.

There are myriad phobias represented in the human species. I doubt that I’m going to find the formal names of any more than a very small fraction of them in the dictionary. So I have no idea why ailurophobe is here.

I’m not, in general, an animal person, but I don’t harbor any particularly strong fears nor hates for properly domesticated animals. And I almost enjoy quiet, friendly pussies that sit on my lap and let me stroke them gently while they purr contentedly. An the other hand, standoffish pussies, or ones that want to scratch at me with their claws extended, do not particularly appeal to me.

And if kittens are included in the definition of ailurophobe, then while I can understand why you might not love little pussies, I don’t for the love of me understand how anyone could hate or fear those cute little fur-balls.

Weird phobias, i.e., phobias other than the myriad ones I have, such as ailurophobia, make me realize that the human mind is a bizarre little universe unto itself.

That leads me to another point. For a reason that I can’t figure out, this discussion on the word ailurophobe is making me eager to get to an entry that is in any way related to beavers. Why is that?

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