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I can’t see or hear the term “air force” without thinking of The Royal Canadian Air Farce, commonly known as Air Farce, a fantastic Canadian comedy program that spent many years as a radio show before going on to running for many seasons as a television show.

Air Farce was a skit show that skewered Canadian politics, news and stereotypes. It had a terrific cast, a few members of which had been with the show right from the days it was on the radio until they decided to call it quits.

Air Farce has been off the air for a few years now except for a couple of specials. I greatly miss it.

Apart from air force reminding me of Air Farce, Air Farce has absolutely nothing to do with the term air force.

An air force is a branch of a country’s military that is, for the most part, responsible for conducting warfare using fighter aircraft.

Hmm. Militaries have fighter jets to fight in the air; submarines to fight under water and tanks and other vehicles to fight on land. If people are capable of going there, people will eventually develop ways of fighting there with extremely lethal force. In that light, star wars are almost inevitable.

If it weren’t so destructive, frightening and pathetic it would be a farce. It’s not

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