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air gun

An air gun is a gun that fires its projectiles using compressed air.

In another meaning of the term, an air gun is also a type of tool that uses compressed air to do things such as drive nails into wood.

There’s probably a joke to be made about the first definition, although for the life of me I can’t think of what it is. If I could, it would have something to do with us using one of the necessities of life, air, and turning it into a weapon. If you come up with a joke along those lines please let me know in a comment.

There may or may also be a joke to be made about the second definition of air gun, i.e., a tool that uses compressed air, but I’m not the least bit handy. I can recognize hammers and nails when I see them, but don’t expect me to be successful in putting them to any useful purpose. So, I’m not likely to be able to come up with any workshop-related jokes. Sorry about that.

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