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Jeez. I complained about the dictionary entries on air chief marshal and air commodore because including those British military titles there increased my work on this project. Now we get to aircraftman.

Aircraftman is the lowest rank in the Royal Air Force. I’ve never been in any arm of the military, so I’m not sure, but I suspect aircraftmen (and aircraftwomen, but my dictionary doesn’t mention them) work harder and put themselves into harm’s way (or, probably more accurately, are ordered into harm’s way) more often than their senior officers. So they definitely deserve respect, but do all of these military titles really belong in a dictionary?

Sure, they should be in military personnel and field manuals, military history books, and the like, but the dictionary? Where will it end?

What I like about the New Penguin English Dictionary is that it includes both British and American (which it labels as North American even when Canadians follow the British lead) spellings and words. But using that dictionary as the definitive word list for this project saddles me with this stuff.

I wonder if Canadian and American dictionaries include military titles for those countries’ armies. I’m Canadian. I should check that out.

I know I’ve said this before, but for the sake of shortening this project, maybe I need to consider switching dictionaries.

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