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airing cupboard

An airing cupboard? I’d never heard of an airing cupboard before. Clearly, I’m not terribly refined.

Before looking at the definition, if asked to make a guess, I would have guessed wrong. I would have assumed that an airing cupboard was a cupboard with a lot of air holes. You could, according to my guess, put things in your airing cupboard if you wanted to air them out, without worrying about dirt and grime splattering on them from passersby.

I’m a slob. It’s always a good idea to protect stuff from dirt and grime I cast off.

My guess would have been way off base. I was right about an airing cupboard being a cupboard. I was also right about it being used for airing stuff out. But that’s all I got right.

An airing cupboard is a heated cupboard that is used to air stuff out and keep it dry. It’s most often used for linen.

Do people really have these things? Am I the only one who not only doesn’t have an airing cupboard, but wasn’t even aware that anyone has one?

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