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An airlift is not a ride to the airport. It’s also not a futuristic means of giving someone a lift somewhere. Nor is it an elevator that is powered by compressed air.

An airlift is the transportation, usually large of volumes, of cargo or people, typically to places that would be difficult to get to by land or sea. An airlift might also be used in situations where transportation by land- or sea-based means would be too slow to serve the intended purpose.

I was thinking of making a joke about superrich plutocrats using airlifts to move fatuous frills to frivolous festivities in faraway venues. Then I remembered that aid organizations often use airlifts to move desperately needed supplies to disaster areas. I felt horribly guilty about even thinking about trying to make a joke about plutocrats’ use of airlifts because the emergency type of airlift is no joking matter.

Besides, I couldn’t think of a synonym for venue that started with “f” so I could keep the alliteration going, so what would have been the point?

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