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An airstrip is not a strip of air. Nor is an airstrip a striptease performed by a stripper in midair, such as, say, on from a trapeze.

Contrary to what you might think based on the word alone; an airstrip is not in the air at all. It is a runway resting firmly on the ground. This is convenient because airplanes would have a hard time taking off and landing from a strip of air above the ground, and facilitating airplane takeoffs and landings is exactly what an airstrip is supposed to.

An airstrip does not have any airport facilities associated with it, otherwise it would be called a runway. Airstrips tend to be used by small, private planes.

If you’re on a commercial airline’s jumbo jet and you’ve just landed on an airstrip, it’s a pretty good bet that you haven’t landed in the place listed as the destination on your ticket. Plus, you’ve probably had a rather bumpy landing. But you, having just gone through it, would know more about that than I would.

Considering that it was likely a major mechanical failure or an emerging disaster that caused the pilot of your jumbo jet to decide to land on a landing strip rather than at the nearest airport, major panicking before the landing would have been understandable. You might want to check whether your underwear needs changing.


  1. Comment by Rum Punch Drunk:

    Well, now I know to take at least 2 pairs of underwear when i go on a plane just in case the pilot says we’re heading for the nearest Airstrip. In fact, if he did say that, I’d need some baby pampers which would accommodate me much more.

    • Comment by Joel:

      Doesn’t everybody take two pairs of underwear on a plane just in case that happens? You never know.

      Baby Pampers is an unnecessary precaution. You can buy adult diapers instead.

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