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It’s alarming how much of a break I’ve taken from posting to this project. It’s been about two full days since my last entry. And that’s after posting six entries a day relatively consistently. It would be nice to think that someone missed me, but my visitor stats tell me that there are almost no visitors, so probably not.

I’m back. This time, with an entry on the word alarm, which can be either a noun or a verb.

One sense of the noun alarm is an alert that is issued regarding something that someone probably should be concerned about. It can also be the device that issues that alert. For example, an alarm clock, commonly referred to as just an alarm, might alert you to the fact that it is time to get the hell out of bed, perform your morning toilet, get dressed and drag your tired ass into work, otherwise you might not have your sorry excuse for a job for much longer.

Effing job. Effing alarm.

Staying with noun meanings, alarm is also an emotion. In that sense of the word, alarm means that you are experiencing fear or grave concern over some danger. For example, after reading the last paragraph that appeared before the one in which I said “Effing job. Effing alarm,” you might have felt alarm over the possibility that you could lose your job for something as trivial as arriving late to work just one morning.

Effing job. Effing boss.

I’m sorry about causing you to experience alarm over your job, but it’s your job, not mine. And it is what it is.

As a verb, to alarm means to give warning or to cause fear. Like I said, sorry about that.

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