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Albinos are organisms that lack significant pigmentation compared to other members of their species.

I include humans as organisms without intending any disrespect whatsoever because we are organisms. It would make for a more cumbersome sentence to exclude humans from the category “organisms” and then have to say that, “but, oh, yes, humans can also be albinos.” (Or to say, “that also includes other organisms,” if I at referenced only humans. Then again, this paragraph is somewhat cumbersome, so I didn’t eliminate the problem of cumbersomeness, did I?

There isn’t much more to say about albinos. I’ve met only one or two albinos and they seemed pretty much like everyone else except for their skin coloration, or, rather lack thereof. Then again, one or two is not a statistically significant sample size, so who knows?

I haven’t spent any time getting to know albinos of other types of organisms, but I imagine much the same can be said of them.

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