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Alcohol. Now that’s a loaded word, isn’t it?’

Speaking purely clinically, alcohol is simply a sort of clear, flammable liquid. And, being even more clinical, it’s an organic compound containing the hydroxyl group, whatever the hell that is.

But so few of us are clinical, are we? And, thanks to alcoholic beverages, some of us are not only not clinical, but we fall into drunken stupors from time to time. Or so I’ve been told. Consequently, the word alcohol is burdened with many more connotations than the purely clinical definitions.

During prohibition, beverages made from alcohol were banned (in some theocratic jurisdictions, they still are). Not that that stopped alcoholic beverages from being sold and consumed. They were simply sold and consumed illegally. Much as marijuana is in many jurisdictions today.

For the record: I’m Canadian born, raised and living in Toronto, Ontario. In case the RCMP, OPP or Toronto Police are reading this, I feel the need to state that I have never even tried marijuana. Not even once. Honest. I probably won’t even if it’s legalized, something that I, nonetheless, support.

But I digress. I had nothing more to say about alcohol that won’t be said when I get to the next two words, alcoholic and alcoholism. I digressed merely to fill in some space. Carry on. Have a drink if you like, but all things in moderation is my motto. I don’t always live up to my motto, but never mind.

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