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The word alcoholic can have two meanings as an adjective and one as a noun, although one of those adjective definitions is so closely related to the noun that we might as well consider them as one.

One of the adjective definitions of alcoholic is, simply, a substance, usually an edible substance and even more usually a beverage, that has alcohol in it. For example, a martini is an alcoholic beverage.

I suppose you could also call, for example, a rum cake to be an alcoholic dessert. That’s neither here nor there, but if it’s a particularly good rum cake I’d like to be wherever it is.

The other adjective meaning of the word alcoholic is “suffering from alcoholism.” This is the one that is a twin of the noun definition, which is a person suffering from alcoholism.

Alcoholism is the next word in this project, so I’ll save any further conversation on it for that entry.

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