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An alder is a tree of the birch family. There are a variety of types of alder trees, most of which are deciduous. They can be found in the northern temperate zone.

Alders don’t get the same level of respect that some other trees get, do they?

Many people wax poetic about the mighty oak. In truth, it’s predominantly poets who wax poetic about oaks. The poetry waxing skills of most of the rest of us aren’t quite up to the task. Instead, we might utter tedious clichés like, “Ah, the mighty oak.” How there is any insomnia in the world with those sorts of platitudes being uttered regularly baffles me.

Countless people stand in awe of the longevity and height of the giant redwoods of the North American Pacific coast. (Maybe they are countable, but who would waste their counting them? Not me.) Some people sit in awe. Others take naps. Still others engage in the type of activities in the redwood forests that would cause advertisers to stop advertising on this page if I described those activities explicitly here.

The willow makes some people weep. Or maybe it’s the willows that weep. Or maybe I’m totally confused about that. But, the point is that some people get emotional about willows.

Even the unassuming poplar tree is somewhat popular.

Elms used to have a high standing in the world until the Dutch gave them a disease. Nobody ever talks about what the Dutch were doing with the elms that would infect the trees. Why is that? Do the Dutch have something to hide in that regard?

My point is that there are a whole host of types of trees out there that command a lot of respect from us humans, but the alder? Not so much. Alders definitely need to get better PR.

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