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Alexia is a psychological disorder. Sufferers have an overwhelming need to name their children Alex, regardless of whether the child is male or female. If one parent has alexia and the other doesn’t the non-sufferer can usually overcome the alexia sufferer’s need to name all children Alex, but doing so often requires a divorce and a child-custody hearing.

Alexia is hereditary. If one parent has it, there’s a fifty percent chance that a child will be born with it. If both parents have it their children will also always have it.

Seven countries spread around the globe, most of which are, surprisingly, considered to be backward countries, force people applying for a marriage license to be tested for alexia before a license is granted. In these countries, if both prospective spouses suffer from alexia the couple cannot get married. It is felt that the risk of them having multiple children and naming all of them Alex would be too great. The thinking is that the identity crises created by all siblings having the same name would be a form of child abuse and, therefore, cannot be tolerated in a humane society.

A few other countries allow alexia sufferers to marry each other, but achieve the same ends as the countries that ban dual alexia couples by enforcing a strict one-child policy on those couples.

The majority of countries, however, have no policy regarding the marriage of alexia sufferers. We can only hope that their children don’t suffer too much.

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