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Programming Change

When I started this project, the aim was to own traffic from the search engines by writing a post about every single word in the particular dictionary I was using, namely the 1986 edition of The New Penguin English Dictionary. The idea was to write a humorous take on the real definition of the word.

After more than 500 entries, I got bored. After posting something on the word “ale” I didn’t post anything again for more than a year.

I’ve decided to revive the project, starting where I left off but—to make it more fun, recapture my interest and, hopefully, encourage me to keep going a little longer—I’ve decided to take a new tack. Instead of trying to write a humorous take on the real definitions of words, I’m going to make up new definitions that are total nonsense and bear no relationship to the true meaning of the word. We’ll see how it goes.

The first of the new definitions, for the word alert, should appear above about five minutes after I post this note. Of course, because traffic to this site averages about one person every two to three days, there’s a pretty good chance that there will already be a few, and probably several, new nonsense definitions above here by the time you read this.

Of course, if I manage to progress far into this project, once I’ve come up with new definitions for many of the words in the English language it will be important to recognize that those words retain their original definitions in addition to the new one I’ve assigned to it. Otherwise, everything I have ever written or ever will write that uses those words will be gibberish because the words will no longer mean what they did when I wrote them. Then again, most of what I write is gibberish anyway, so never mind.

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