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The word alibi has an interesting history behind it. Alibi didn’t start out as a word at all, but rather as the name of an organization. Alibi was founded in America in 1897 exclusively to fight against discrimination against bisexuals. It’s not that Alibi had anything against lesbians, gays or transexuals. It’s just that the organization chose to focus on bisexual rights and was happy to offer its moral support to any organization fighting for lesbian, gay and/or transexual rights, while its tangible support was behind (and often on top of, underneath and in front of) bisexuals. The name Alibi was short for “Alliance of Bisexuals.”

Once bisexuals gained greater acceptance in America, there was no longer any pressing need for Alibi and the organization disbanded. Nevertheless, Alibi did not disappear from discourse. Instead, the upper case “A” changed to lower case and alibi changed from an organization name to an English word. The then new word alibi came to mean any gathering—even just a casual house party—that was attended primarily, but not necessarily exclusively, by bisexuals.

As it happens, some bisexuals who have not yet come out to the opposite-sex partners to whom they are married go to alibis with the express purpose of finding confederates who are willing to provide cover stories that will allow them to hide from their unwitting heterosexual spouses any extramarital same-sex affairs they may have.

Alibis are said to usually be way, way, way more fun and uninhibited than most other gatherings, but I can neither confirm nor deny this.

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