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Following from the definition of the word alien (i.e., with ale in it), an alienist is someone who is either constantly or full of ale. Thus, so put it simply, an alienist is a drunkard, but only a person who gets drunk on ale, not on any other alcoholic beverages.

Alienists can may be either giddily happy, obnoxiously belligerent, or possibly alternate between the two states due to their drinking habits; it all depends on the individual. Alienists who are regularly obnoxiously belligerent may suffer frequent bouts of violence, causing them to end up in court and then jail fairly frequently. It’s not uncommon for these people to drag psychiatrists into court to plead that they aren’t guilty because their drunken stupor left them not competent to recognize the error of their ways or to stand trial. Harrumph.

Many, or perhaps most, alienists eventually become overweight or obese unless they drink only light ales and consume their beverages while jogging or while working out vigorously on an exercise machine. Warning: drinking massive quantities of ale while vigorously working out on an exercise machine may cause vomiting. Then again, consuming massive quantities of ale may induce vomiting even if you’re just sitting on your ass. You decide.

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