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All-powerful is a grade of laundry detergent. All-powerful is the highest grade detergent on the market today and probably the highest grade that will ever be on the market, by a wide margin.

All-powerful detergents provide their superior cleaning power by not just thoroughly disintegrating any dirt and grime on clothing, but also thoroughly disintegrating the clothing itself.

All-powerful detergents are typically sold in lead-lined, three-inch thick steel containers to minimize the risk of the detergent eating through the container before you buy it, let alone before you get it home and use it.

The obvious disadvantage of an all-powerful detergent is that, after you wash your clothes with it, your clothes become a disorganized collection of molecules that go down the drain along with the water and detergent at the end of the wash-cycle. Another disadvantage is that, even diluted, all-powerful detergents often cause the drain and washing machine to disintegrate as well. However, those are small prices to pay to maintain a neat an tidy appearance.

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