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Curse the damn alphabet! Because allegorical is derived from allegory, but allegorical comes before allegory in the dictionary, we have no choice but to foreshadow the definition of allegory, which will be the next entry on The Words Project, here in the entry on allegorical.

Then again, that’s probably not an issue. During busy times, this site averages about one visitor every six or seven days. During slow times, the crack technical team here at The Words Project undertakes extensive research to ensure that everyone who’s ever had internet access hasn’t died of some sort of horrible plague.

Because the probability that you will arrive here between the postings of allegorical and allegory is about as close as you can get to zero without splitting atoms, there’s a good chance that, by the time you read this, the definition of allegory will already have been posted. And, due to the way this site is organized, allegory will appear above allegorical once allegory is posted. So, unless you arrived less than twelve hours after this entry (allegorical) was posted, never mind. All that I’ve just said with regard to cursing the damn alphabet will then be irrelevant, as what I say at any time usually is.

Put simply, allegorical is an adjective that means having the nature of an allegory, i.e., being all gory.

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