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Allergic (an adjective) refers to a state of being that falls anywhere between copacetic and tragic. While this, admittedly, covers an exceptional wide range of possibilities, it can come in handy when someone asks you for a qualitative opinion about a particular state of affairs when there really is no way to rationally assess and name the quality of the situation other than to say, “well, it’s not gruesomely horrible (tragic), but it’s not awesomely wonderful (copacetic) either.” “It’s allergic” is much more succinct way of saying that.

Confusingly, allergic can also be used to describe your reaction to such situations. For example, if you’re OK with a couple of your friends getting married, but you don’t think it’s a truly fabulous decision on their part, you might say, “I’m having an allergic reaction to the marriage of Bob and Dianne.”

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