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Allopathy is the innate ability to find your way around forests and other wilderness areas on unmarked paths, without any maps, satellite imagery or any other navigational aids, without getting hopelessly lost. If you enter a wilderness area that doesn’t have any paths and you don’t take any navigational aids with you, allopathy doesn’t apply. That’s called insanely reckless, not allopathic, regardless of whether you are able to find your way around.

It’s a wonder that the word allopathy came into existence at all because very few people—almost no one—possesses true allopathy. This explains why many people who set out alone and empty-handed on mindless hikes in vast uninhabited areas often get lost and need to be rescued; or they die of starvation, exposure or extreme stupidity—often all three, but most often the latter.

If you truly believe that you possess allopathy you are almost certainly delusional. Before you set out unprepared on an adventure in a wilderness area, depending only on your allopathy to get you where you want to go and back again, you should seek medical help for treatment of your delusions. There are conventional treatments that may be able to help you.

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