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An allotment is a type of candy that is made primarily of some kind of mint—peppermint, spearmint or whatever, it doesn’t matter. Allotments are comparatively large relative to many other candies. This contrasts with small mints, which are called allitlements. Many people are unfamiliar with allitlements—in fact, most people don’t even know the word—because so many people are such gluttons that they never ask for small mints and, therefore, have no use for the word. For this reason, allittlement rarely appears in dictionaries.

Allotment is spelled with an e, rather than, as you would expect, an i, i.e., allotmint, because marketers of large mints think that substituting an i, and therefore making it more special than plain, old mints, adds cachet to their products.

In addition to cachet they also add other ingredients to their products. Those other ingredients don’t always make their way onto the ingredients list on the label, and might not be appreciated by the consuming public if they did.

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