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An allover is a sweater that is similar to a pullover except that, unlike a pullover, which covers, at most, the upper torso and arms, an allover covers the whole body. Allovers are similar to burkas in this way, but they are made of a much heavier knitted material than is typical for a burka. High-end allovers are usually made from cashmere.

Because they offer the same body covering as a burka, but are heavier, allovers tend to be worn in the winter in muslim countries (or countries with minority muslim populations) with cold climates, but only where women are too subservient to rebel against men’s insistence that they wear burkas or allovers.

Recently, some secular countries have banned the wearing of allovers. In these countries, government officials and/or politicians claim that wearing an allover presents a tripping hazard, is a security risk and/or makes other citizens uncomfortable. Some countries also claim that wearing an allover borders on insane—on the wrong side of the border.

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