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Music is a very rich language. Like alga, which tells orchestra members to stop what they are playing on their instruments and chant “ah,” and alley, which tells orchestra members to screech “ey” (pronounced “eeeeyyyy”) when they encounter it, “allow” in a musical score tells orchestra members to put down their instruments and intone “ow.”

This is even more difficult for musicians than alga or alley. “Ow,” must be incanted somewhat like a meditational chant, rather than like a cry of pain. When you’re in the mist of focusing on playing whatever instrument you are playing, switching to focusing on producing the precisely correct tonal quality in your voice can be an overwhelming challenge.

Orchestra members who regularly practice transcendental meditation tend to be more successful at performing allows than other orchestra members. Unfortunately, when performing allows, they sometimes lapse into trances, rendering them unable to continue performing in the concert.

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