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All right is a term that is used to label any group that contains only members who are on the far-right of the political spectrum.

It is generally not a good idea to upset all right groups because their members tend to lack compassion and forgiveness and may strike back. What’s more, their members carry guns and they are not afraid to use those guns against people who upset them. All rights group members may use “stand your ground” laws to justify shooting people who piss them off where such laws exist.

Where such laws don’t exist, all rights group members may, in their defence after shooting someone who pissed them off, argue that it is unconstitutional to not be allowed to fire your gun with extreme prejudice to “stand your ground” and, therefore, they should be found not guilty and the current law of the land should be overturned. (However, whenever a court rules that the constitution gives someone a right that members of all rights groups disagree with, the members typically curse the damned activist judges who overrule elected legislators.)

Members of all right groups hate all taxes, hate all social programs, hate big government, hate middle-size government, hate small government and will rebel vociferously and possibly violently against any damned government that dares to lay its mitts on their Medicare.

Members of all right groups are fundamentally religious and, often, fundamentalist. They believe that God will punish anyone who commits evil, with evil being defined as anything they wouldn’t do. Anything they would do is not evil. Members of all right groups are also strongly in favour of the strict separation of church and state except, of course, for the church they belong to. They believe that the moral teachings and scriptures of their particular church should define all laws the government passes, and be the only thing that defines those laws.

Note to gays and lesbians: Don’t even think about joining an all rights group. They won’t have you as a member. And they particularly won’t accept your spouses as members.

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